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Our Technical Advice & Guidelines:

When it comes to purchasing new doors, we're sure you will want to find out everything there is to know about them. Whether it comes to the construction of the timber which is used, to the fitting or finishing of your internal and external doors.

There's plenty of things to consider when buying new doors, and you can rely on the door experts Leader Doors to tell you everything there is to know.

Door Construction Types | Leader Doors

The vast majority of our doors are manufactured as an engineered construction.

Engineered doors are the often mis-understood younger brother of traditional solid timber doors. As engineered doors are often available at a lower price, this sometimes leads people to believe that they are somehow an inferior product, which definitely isn't the case. In fact, engineered timber doors have a number of significant plus points and performance benefits which definitely shouldn't be overlooked.


When you are purchasing your new doors, you may find that the sizes offered aren't suitable for your frame openings. Don't worry, there are a number of solutions available to you.

If you would like to trim down and adjust your doors, then we always recommend that you please follow the guidelines on 'trimming allowances' listed in our size guide here. In the size guide we outline each brands recommended maximum trimming allowances which will ensure you do not void any warranties when working on your new doors.

All of our glazed doors are manufactured to fully comply with British Standard EN-121500 as standard. This ensures all of our glass is a toughened safety glass, which is a question we often get asked. All of our glazed doors carry the EU Kitemark for toughened safety glass.

If you require a glazing certification for proof when purchasing your doors then please speak with our team and if we don't already have it, we'll be able to request this from the supplier.

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Door Finishing Guidelines | Leader Doors

If you decide to finish your door yourself there are a few important guidelines which we recommend all customers adhere to, to ensure your doors will meet the warranty and guarantee requirements.

All un-finished timber doors should be fully finished before fitting, with particular care and attention taken when applying the finish to the edges of the door. If your doors are not treated properly, then they may be at risk when exposed to changes in humidity and temperature, which may cause the door to shrink or swell and split.

For full fitting guidelines, please click the read more button above.

Please download your copy of our 'Important Door Care Information' PDF sheet, which outlines some helpful and recommended guidelines which we have put together to help prolong the life of your doors. If you have any further questions about any of the above information, please contact our door experts and we will be able to provide full advice and answer any of your questions.