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Privacy & Cookies

These are our promises to you

We will always keep your data safe and secure.
We want you to fully understand the reasons why we collect this data. To keep you enlightened, here’s why we need it and how that we use it.

1. Be a part of the 'in' crowd

Opt-in or miss out. You'll see the best offers and latest products.

2. A better you

We'll use your data to enhance your experience when using our website.

3. No spam

We hate spam, which is why you can decide what and how you hear from us.

4. Protected

We'll make sure your data is secure - protected like it was our own.

5. Limited time only

We'll keep your data only as long as is needed, if we don't hear from you, we'll delete it.

Protecting your information

Here at Leader Doors, we believe in your right to a private and secure shopping experience. That's why we're 100% committed to protecting your data when browsing our website (whether you're a customer, or just visiting!). We totally understand and respect just how important our visitors see their online privacy, so are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about your data. If you'd like to speak to us, just get in touch via email at

When using our websites and services, the data controller - which is the company who are responsible for your privacy when sharing data with our websites - is Leader Online Limited.

Your information & how we use it ▼

We will use your information in a number of ways - it differs for each piece of information we collect. But rest assured, every piece of information is collected for a reason. All of the information we collect is vital in creating the best possible shopping experience for you.

 Name and contact details (email and telephone number)

How we use it Why we use it?
To deliver your purchases to you.We have to take your name & contact details to be able to contact you and ensure your order is sent to the right place (to fulfil our contract with you).
We'll send you our services and your order information by email.We do this to ensure you receive regular order updates and ensure that everything goes to plan with your order - including accurate delivery information and lead times.
Sending you information by email, or post, about our new products and services.We like to keep our customers in the know. We'll only send this with your express permission to do so.
Fraud detection and prevention.We have advanced fraud screening and protection with every single transaction on our website. This protects you and Leader, and is our number one priority when it comes to online and in-store transactions - this is essential.
Finding out what you, and other customers like the most.This allows us to give you what you want. We want you to see the products that you want to see and the services you want to use.
Showing you Leader advertisements as you browse the web.We want you to be in the know, so you can see our latest products, offers and deals while you browse.

Your date of birth

How we use it Why we use it?
Fraud detection and prevention.We have advanced fraud screening and protection with every single transaction on our website. This protects you and Leader, and is our number one priority when it comes to online and in-store transactions - this is essential.

Your payment information

When we say payment information, we mean your payment card details and security/CV2 code. Have no fear, this information is not stored anywhere and is fully encrypted once entered.

How we use it Why we use it?
Take payment, and give refunds.We need to take payment details in order to process your order (to fulfil our contract with you).
Fraud detection and prevention.We have advanced fraud screening and protection with every single transaction on our website. This protects you and Leader, and is our number one priority when it comes to online and in-store transactions - this is essential.

Our conversations and contact history

Everything we've discussed - for example, email correspondence, order updates, LiveChat conversations, or on social media.

How we use it Why we use it?
Providing the best help and support we can.In order to give you the service you expect, we have to keep a record of any conversations, order updates or new information discussed. This allows us to provide you the best possible help and advice we can and ensures our customer service is top of the tree. Please note, calls aren't recorded, unless we've specifically told you that it is, at the start of the conversation.
Training our staff.We want to ensure all staff maintain the same high standards which you expect when speaking with us. Looking over how they could have improved the interaction is an essential part of improving our service.

 Purchase history and saved orders

This includes what you have previously purchased, or any items you may have saved for another date.

How we use it Why we use it?
To sell you our products.We need to do this in order to sell our items to you. Adding items to your basket and placing orders is essentially why we're here!
Providing help and support.Often our customers will purchase many times, seeing a detailed purchase history allows you to do so with ease. This history also ensures we can continue to provide assistance after a sale is completed. 
Handling returns.We need to be able to see what you've ordered in order to decide how we handle any return requests.
Finding out what you, and other customers like the most.This allows us to give you what you want. We want you to see the products that you want to see and the services you want to use. It also allows you to fit us around your busy lifestyle.

Your devices, and information about how you use our websites

Any data that you give us when browsing our websites, including your IP address and device information. If you choose to share this with us, your location data, as well as how you use the websites.

How we use it Why we use it?
Improving website functionality.It's important to us that you get the most user-friendly shopping experience when using our websites. That's why we've developed a website which is responsive to your devices screen resolution and operating system.
Protecting our website.To protect you and Leader from fraud, our number one priority when it comes to online transactions - this is essential.
Setting the correct language, currency and delivery options.We ship all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, but do get customers browsing from all around the world. This information is essential in setting the correct information which is displayed online.

Your linked accounts

What we use your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook accounts for.

How we use it Why we use it?
Express checkout ability.Logging in with your social media accounts makes our websites easier to use and allows you to check-out with ease. No need to fill in contact information which is already setup by you.
To provide product recommendations to you.We want you to be in the know, so you can see our latest products, offers and deals while you browse - so you can quickly purchase those items which interest you.

Your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions

How we use it Why we use it?
In order to run the competition, survey or promotion.If we didn't collect your data when setting up the survey, or competition then we wouldn't be able to contact you if you had won.

Of course, what information you choose to share with us from the above is entirely up to you. However, in order for you to purchase from our website some of this information will be necessary. We just couldn't provide the service, an optimal customer experience, or fulfil your order if you didn't share it with us. Ultimately it is your choice, you decide whether you're comfortable with what is shared and we'll respect that.

From time to time, we may use your purchase information (in an aggregated and anonymous fashion), in order to improve our services and when developing new products. Some of this essential information is shared with third parties, of which we list below in full.

Sharing your information ▼

All of the information you share with us is stored safely and securely. We absolutely do not, and will never, sell any off your personal data to a third party. Nothing is more important to us in maintaining a trustworthy and reliable relationship with you, this is an essential part of that.

We will share some of your data with third parties from time to time, but only in order to fulfil your order and contract with us - these third parties include;

  • Companies within the Leader Group, which is part of Leader Online Limited. Registered office: 103 Whitby Street South, Hartlepool, TS24 7LH. Company Registration Number: 05879831. VAT Number: 915 7065 22. This includes trading names: Leader Doors, Leader Floors, Leader Furniture, Leader Lights & Leader Trade.
  • Companies that are tasked with getting your order to you, such as suppliers, order packers and delivery companies/couriers.
  • Our professional service providers, such as marketing agencies, advertising partners, stock & CRM systems and our website hosting companies who are an essential part of our online platform and business.
  • Companies approved by yourself, such as social media websites (if you choose to link your account).
  • Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, where you may also place an order.
  • Payment providers and gateways, such as Klarna, Paypal, Klarna Retail Finance (DEKO) and Amazon Payments.
  • Credit reference agencies, fraud prevention agencies and law enforcement, to assist us with tackling fraudulent orders and protecting our customers.

Any of the analytical data provided about our customers in order to improve services will always be anonymous and aggregated, to ensure that it does not identify you.

Marketing correspondence ▼

From time to time, as long as you have given us express permission, we will send marketing messages via email and sometimes post, in order to keep you in the know about our latest products, service updates, exclusive offers and occasionally competitions.

You must opt-in to these marketing messages in order to receive them. To ensure you do not miss out, please click here and sign up today.

How to stop marketing messages from Leader Online Limited

You can always stop receiving marketing messages from us at any time.

To opt-out, you can do this;

Once you have done so, we'll update your settings to ensure that you no longer receive marketing messages from us. Please be patient, it may take us a few days for the changes to propagate down through our multiple systems and you may receive emails for up to 72 hours after you have been unsubscribed.

Opting out of marketing communications with us will not stop service communication from us (such as order updates, or essential correspondence with staff).

Off-site online advertising ▼

Like most other websites you visit, Leader Online Limited also utilise online advertising opportunities when you are off our website, to make sure that you're aware of what we're doing and allow you see our great value products. This helps us to make sure that you don't miss out.

We target visual banners and text advertisements to you, when you're browsing other websites and apps. This is performed using a number of digital marketing networks and with a range of advertising technologies, such as ad tags, cookies, pixels and specific services only provided by selected social media websites, such as Facebook's ability to create custom audiences. These advertisements that you see may be based around the information we hold about you, or your browsing habits when on our website (for example your Leader search history, and the content pages which you access on our website). We also utilise click behaviour tracking to ensure we can see what interests you the most.

If you have given permission, we’ll send you marketing messages by email and text, to keep you aware of what we’re up to and to help you find our products.

Sharing your information outside of Europe ▼

<p>We do not share any of your information outside of Europe, so can safely say that all of the information we hold on yourself will be held in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.</p>

Information is held only as long as necessary ▼

We will only ever hold onto the information you choose to share with us for as long as is deemed totally necessary. This includes for as long as you have your account, or as long as is needed in order for us to provide you with our services (including support, customer care and post-sales advice).

Also, we will hold onto your information if it is reasonably necessary to do so, to meet legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, assist with preventing fraudulent activity and abuse, or to enforce our terms and conditions. We may also be required to keep some form of your information, on a case-by-case basis after you close your account with us.

You rights as a consumer ▼

When it comes to your personal information online, you have a lot of rights. We want you to know that we'll take these seriously when shopping with us.

Your rights include;

  • The right to be informed about how and when we will use your personal information (as outlined above).
  • The right to access all personal information held by us about you.
  • The right to request that we correct inaccurate or incorrect personal information we hold about you. (most of which you will be able to change yourself through Your Account)
  • The right to request that we delete any personal data, or that we stop collecting your data, with some exceptions.
  • The right to stop marketing messages at any time, which can be done through Your Account, and to withdraw your consent for marketing messages at any time.
  • The right to request that we transfer the data we hold on yourself to another service provider or to yourself.
  • The right to complain to your data protection regulator, which in the United Kingdom would be the Information Commissioner's Office.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your rights, exercise them, or if you have a question or complaint to make.

Updates to how we protect your privacy ▼

From time to time, we may make changes to how we protect your privacy, as technologies change and browsing evolves. This page may be updated to reflect any changes in how we handle your data.

If and when we make significant changes, we will always make it clear on our websites, including this page or by email correspondence, so that you have the opportunity to review the changes, accept them and continue to use Leader.

Cookies - What are they? ▼

On all of our websites we use cookies. Cookies are used for a number of purposes and are an important part of how our websites work. For more information on cookies, please see our cookie policy.

How to reach us ▼

It's important that we're there for you, we know that! That's why we've made it as easy as possible to reach us. We love hearing from you for all the good things (and the bad, how else would we improve), so please don't be afraid to get in touch with our friendly teams and we'll be more than happy to help.

If you want to reach us regarding any of the information outlined on this page, please contact our friendly team by dropping us a line at or by one of the contact us methods laid out on the Leader websites. Alternatively, you can even write to us at;

Leader Online Limited
103 Whitby Street South
County Durham
TS24 7LH
United Kingdom