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Enhance your doors with our specially curated range of mouldings from Leader and Liberty Doors. Available in an array of finishes and colours, including real oak, black, and white, our mouldings are designed to add a refined touch to any door, complementing your home's style

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Transform your doors with our exquisite collection of mouldings, exclusive to Leader and Liberty Doors. Our mouldings are more than decorative accents; they are statements of craftsmanship and design. Available in finishes like primed for custom painting, sleek high gloss, and classically painted, and in colours ranging from elegant black and white to natural oak, they cater to a variety of design preferences. Perfect for creating a polished look, these mouldings enhance the aesthetic appeal of your doors while also providing additional protection. Choose from a variety of profile shapes to match any door style, from modern to traditional, ensuring your doors stand out with sophistication.


How do I choose the right moulding for my door?

Consider the style and colour of your door. For a harmonious look, select mouldings that complement your door's design and color scheme. Our range includes various options like black, white, and real oak, suitable for different door styles.


How can I ensure the moulding matches the design era of my door?

To match the design era, consider the moulding's profile and finish. For example, intricate profiles work well with traditional or period doors, while sleek, minimal profiles suit contemporary doors. Our range includes a variety of styles to complement doors from any design era, ensuring a cohesive look.

 How do I choose mouldings for doors with glass panels or intricate detailing?

For doors with glass panels or detailed work, select mouldings that enhance these features without overwhelming them. Slimmer profiles and simpler finishes usually work best, complementing the door's elegance without detracting from its intricate design.