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Door Handles

One of the more difficult choices for a door is the type of handle or knob used to open it. We've gathered a wide variety of designs for each type so you can easily find something that suits your taste whether it be using something highly decorative or simple.

At Leader Doors, we don’t just want your door to look good - the hardware has to match the door itself in both quality and appearance. If you don’t have the right door handle, it can spoil the look of your interiors and also be a pain to use. Our selection of door handles & knobs at Leader Doors is designed to offer you the very best in quality and design, whatever your style preference.

Huge Choice of Handles

There’s no such thing as the ideal door handle - it’s all very much down to personal preference with how the handle functions and the finish you prefer. We offer a selection of handles in different styles and functions, from handles on a rose to handles on a backplate, doorknobs and more to give you the best possible choice.

Contemporary versus Traditional

One of the biggest choices you’ll face when considering which type of door handle or knob to use is the style. We find that door hardware falls into two style categories - contemporary and traditional. We find that customers looking for a more traditional, period look with opt for a doorknob, while those looking for a modern, contemporary look will opt for a handle on a rose or a handle on a backplate. However, within all of our handle collections you’ll find materials and designs that can offer you the perfect blend of modern and traditional for a unique look in your home. Browse our full door hardware collection for more design options.