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How To Fix A Door That Springs Open

Do you find that your doors will spring open by themselves? No, you don’t need to get ghostbusters on the line. Chances are that the hinges of your door are too deeply set into the door frame. Not as exciting by any means, but probably much easier to fix.

Step 1

Assess the door

Before you start pulling the hinges apart, take a quick look at the paintwork around the door frame. It could be that your door isn’t closing properly because it’s catching on the doorstop which has nothing to do with the hinges! This is a simple oversight but one that will save you a lot of time and is a simple check that you can complete quickly. If your doors do have the doorstop problem, you can easily fix this by tapping a wood chisel between the doorstop and door frame or even levering the doorstop off. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to close the door and reposition the doorstop, making sure that the door has enough room to close without catching. Nail it back into place using 30mm nails around 300mm apart.

Step 2

Check the door hinges

If that’s not the issue, turn your attention back to the hinges. Hinges that are too deeply set into the door frame cause the door to sit too close to the frame. In turn, this means that they spring back open either as soon as you close them or after they’ve built up a bit of tension. This tension is slowly released and will cause the door to open slowly. We agree – it’s annoying, isn’t it?

Step 3

Remove the door from the hinges

This is where Leader Doors comes to save the day. To solve the problem, get someone to hold the door steady and remove the hinges from the door one at a time. Cut up some spare cardboard to fit into the recess where the hinges were and pack it into the space.

Step 4

Pack the door with cardboard

The cardboard packed into the space should give you the room you need down the hinge side of the door to stop it springing open. Screw the hinge back into the packed-out recess and do the same for the next hinge. If you’ve put too much cardboard in, you could end up with a door that sticks on the other side so be careful! You don’t want to have to plane the other edge of the door down to make sure it’s working smoothly.

Step 5

Other causes of door openings

It could be the case that your door doesn’t have enough space between the bottom of the door and the carpet, meaning that it either jams completely or springs back open after a while. Find a ruler or a thick piece of card and place it on top of the carpet. Mark a line on the door along the top of your ruler to see how much excess you’ll need to remove to make the door fit properly. Take the door off its hinges, remove the excess material then refit the door.

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There may be multiple reasons that a door could spring open or slowly open once shut. These include, as mentioned above:

  • Incorrect positioning of the hinges.

  • The door doesn’t close properly before it hits the doorstop.

  • The clearance beneath the door isn’t big enough and the door grinds against the carpet or floor. 


Why does my door handle not spring back? 

If you are having trouble with your door handle not returning to its original position, it will probably be due to the spring being broken within the handle. This is a fairly easy fix and doesn’t require expert tools, all that is needed is a pair of external circlip pliers that can be found online for around £3.50. 

How to fix a door handle spring

The first thing that you will need to do is to remove the handle from the door. A handy tip to try is to run a sharp knife around the edge of the handle as this will allow it to come away with ease if the door has been painted. Remove the fixings and use the pliers to remove any fragments from the old spring and fit the new one in its place. Applying vaseline or grease to the spring can ensure that the handle operates smoothly. Wear appropriate eye protection whilst using the pliers as loose fittings can come away with speed. 

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