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How To Create A Pair Door

Pair doors make a stylish addition to any home and are one of the top recommendations that interior designers give homeowners looking to transform their living space. Create an open plan feel by joining two doors together with a pair maker from Leader Doors, we’ll show you how!

The rebated paired door means that your pair door has a high quality finish with no gaps between where each of the doors meet which may occur using other pairing techniques. Rebating a door means modifying the doors in order to allow them to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Ordinarily, this would mean taking away a section along the vertical edge on the handle-side of each door to allow the doors to sit comfortably together, but with a pair maker from Leader Doors there is no need to adjust the doors at all.

Our pair makers are designed to fit along the edge of the closed door, which allows us to easily convert two doors into a door pair.

Something to consider before you pair your doors is which way do you want the doors to open? You’ll need to think about whether the doors will open left hand open away or right hand open away, so here’s a few tips to help you work out which you would prefer:

Pair makers
Step 1 stand facing the closed doors
Step 2 consider which door will open most often
Step 3 push the chosen door open
Step 4 if the hinges on your left, you need a left hand open away door pair
Step 5 if the door hinges on your right, you need a right hand open away door pair
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We offer a selection of pre-rebated pair doors in addition to our pair makers and internal doors, if you'd rather not DIY your pair doors!