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How To Measure A Door Guide

Measuring for a door may sound like a simple task, but you’d be surprised how many customers come to us with incorrect measurements. For example, many customers assume that you measure the actual door, when you’ll actually be measuring the space available in the frame. Make sure you don’t trip up on simple mistakes by following our simple guide below.

Accuracy is the key to success. We at Leader Doors recommend that you measure using millimetres to ensure that you get the best fit.

Step 1 measure the width

The trick is to measure the space between each side of the frame in two places - the top, the middle and the bottom. You’d be surprised at how much the width can change across these three points!
We advise that when choosing the width of your door, take the widest measurement and deduct 2mm from either side to ensure an easier fit.

Step 3 measure the height

Make sure you take the type of flooring you have into account when measuring the height - if you have a carpet, your door must be able to skim over the top. Measure from the floor or carpet right up to the underside of your door frame.
Remember, if you’re measuring for an exterior door you may need to take room for draught excluders into consideration - these can be up to 25mm in height.

Doors tend to fluctuate in size and thickness, but the average is around 35mm thick. Once you’ve taken the height and width of the door, measure the thickness.
Be aware that you may have to use thinner doors for interior doors.

Not all internal doors in your house will be the same size or thickness. Make sure to measure each door individually, just in case.