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Louvre Doors

Traditional practicality meets modern style with the increasingly fashionable louvre doors. These doors boast a unique slatted panel design, offering optimal ventilation and a distinct aesthetic. Perfect for cupboards, wardrobes, and pantries, they balance privacy and openness seamlessly, making them versatile for various spaces.

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8 Items
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Explore the wide selection of Louvre Doors, your functional and stylish solution for various spaces. From cupboards to pantries, these doors offer efficient ventilation and come in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes so you can find the right one just for your needs!

What are louvre doors?

A versatile product, louvre doors feature horizontal slats instead of a solid panel, providing a multitude of purposes. Most popular uses include pantries, store rooms, cupboards, coat rooms & any room which would benefit from increased airflow. Louvred doors are famous for their small gapped vents, which allow air to pass through the door.


Why choose louvre doors?

Louvre doors can be utilised in various internal and external applications. Notably, interior louvre doors have become a trending door choice due to their low cost, traditional looks, and high practicality - and they can be used anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom. Louvre doors are lighter in material and weight compared to other doors. So, beneficially, louvre doors are DIY-friendly and are great for home improvements and renovations to add the perfect finishing touches to any home interior.

Massive variety of louvre door materials & styles

Many louvre doors are bought as white or painted as white. As such, we've worked with our suppliers to bring you an extensive range of white louvre doors to save the hassle of painting and finishing. However, if you're looking for a louvre door that can be made into a DIY project, look at our pine louvre doors instead, which can be used as they are or painted and finished. These louvre pair doors use a great style of two louvre doors that, when closed together, have a curved top that gives it a different look compared to that of a standard louvre door. This design is popular among cafes, where the term "Cafe Style" originates. It's best to use a gravity hinge with these kinds of louvre doors so they swing back into their closed position together when not in use.