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Laminate Doors

Laminate Internal Doors are a revolutionary new addition to the Leader range of quality internal doors. Suited to modern and contemporary decor styles these laminated doors are supplied pre-finished with a highly durable and tough laminate coating that is not only easy to wipe clean, but simple to maintain. Best of all, our laminate doors feature both unfinished & fully finished options so you can choose whether you want to paint or stain the door, or simply install it as soon as you receive it.


Unsure if a laminate door is right for you? Our blog goes into great detail about the ins & outs of our range of laminate doors & what they can offer you. 

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Laminated doors are a relatively new addition to the interior door market here in the UK, but have fast become the most popular choice for homeowners and property developers thanks to their tough and durable finish which is not only easy to clean, but simple to maintain - ensuring the laminate door looks fantastic all of the time.

Our laminated doors make an excellent choice for modern and contemporary homes and properties, thanks to the wide range of colour choices and popular designs on offer. Our coloured laminate internal doors look fantastic and are cost-effective solutions that will last a long time.


Are Laminate Doors Any Good?

There are many benefits of laminate doors, such as the consistent and standard finish across the faces of the door, meaning your laminated doors will look more uniform throughout the house, something that natural timber cannot guarantee. As well as this, the finish is highly durable and easy to keep clean. Simply wipe down the smooth finished face of the laminated internal door and it remains clean and fresh - plus, laminate doors are incredibly competitive in terms of price.


Choose The Colour Of Your Laminate Door

When choosing a laminate door, you'll have a great range of options to choose from. With fantastic colour choices available across many popular designs, you can choose from popular brands such as LPD Doors or JB Kind The possibilities are endless!

If you'd prefer a more natural-looking timber product, then why not take a look at our stunning internal oak doors, or our wide range of stylish internal white doors, with many qualifying for next-day delivery?


What Is An Laminated Internal Door?

A laminate door is a type of internal door that is popular within the UK for its practicality, affordability and stylish capabilities. Here at Leader Doors, we have a diverse range of laminate doors for you to choose from, including a range of styles and colours that are sure to match the look and feel of your interior space. 


What Is An Laminate Door Made From?

A laminate door is made with a different manufacturing process than regular internal doors. The core element of a laminate door is wood – to create a laminate door, MDF is compressed with cardboard. 


How Do You Clean Laminate Doors

Laminate doors are an easy fixture to clean and don’t require regular maintenance. Washing or wiping down your laminate door is something that you should do every few months or when a mark occurs. Using regular surface wipes should suffice and remove any marks from your hands.