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Oak External Doors

Did you know that our oak external doors are one of the most sought-after styles? They're made to match any type of home design and they come in a wide variety so there's bound to be an option that will fit your specific needs! Our Door Outlet features some of the best brands selling oak exterior doors, so take a look at what we offer today!

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External wood doors are ideal for any home - whether it be due to their beautiful designs or because of their outstanding quality. Of all types of exterior doors, there is none like the oak door. Our ever-expansive collection offers many options including decorative glass or unglazed which will complement any living environment. Try one of these external oak doors and find out why they have become a staple choice for homeowners.


Why choose oak for my external doors? 

Oak offers much higher insulation than other varieties of materials. It will not only last longer but can also withstand tougher weather conditions and a lot more stress too. Oak wood provides two clear benefits over other types - firstly because it does not warp easily, it ensures that your original frame shape lasts and secondly because it doesn't splinter easily either, you have greater peace of mind when children need to play close by! With an abundance of choice - from beautifully designed prints and high-end finishes to stylish patio doors & gates we got something sure to impress!


What makes exterior oak doors great? 

As well as being very attractive externally, they're also fantastic at keeping water out due to the high level of protection provided by a top-quality sealant along with weather seal tape protecting any gaps around the frame. Choosing these types of doors means having a sturdy but reliable barrier between your home and anything that may cause damage! 


High quality timber oak external doors from Leader Doors

Oak is unsurpassed in both beauty and durability; well-known for its rustic yet refined charm, these iconic exterior doorways add instant character to any room (both inside and out!). With various ranges of products at different price points available to suit every budget - please don't hesitate to contact us if you require additional assistance!