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External Gates

External Gates are a common site among both old and modern styles of gardens, as such we've stocked a handful of styles and sizes alongside our suppliers so we've got something for everyone to add to their garden. Some of these come in different materials and styles so be sure to take a thorough look.

10 Items
10 Items
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  • From £60.48 (inc. VAT) RRP: £80.64 (inc. VAT) | Save: £20.16 (inc. VAT)
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  • From £51.65 (inc. VAT) RRP: £68.87 (inc. VAT) | Save: £17.22 (inc. VAT)
  • £78.60 (inc. VAT) RRP: £104.80 (inc. VAT) | Save: £26.20 (inc. VAT)

Whether you've got an old or modern garden, it doesn't matter, a gate is always a welcomed addition as it helps secure the garden and if you pick the right style it can enhance an existing theme. The style of a gate can vary quite a bit depending on the material, so be sure to browse a few to find that you like.

Material Differences

The Pine Gates offer a variety of different textures due to their variant in the grain and amount of knots in the wood, as such they're often the type of gate that mixes with a lot of different looking gardens as the natural look blends in well. The Oak Gates are generally much smoother and suit an autumn garden very well with its darker brown tone.


As most gates come from wood with a quick growth cycle they don't cost much to manufacture so you can continue to receive great competitive prices meaning you'll get a great deal and be able to afford even more home improvements.

We're sure we'll have something to suit you, but should you have any queries to make please contact our Sales Team who are more than happy to assist!