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External Gates

Upgrade your property by installing a wooden gate to the exterior of your home, which will increase your security measures and elevate the style of your garden. Within the range of wooden gates, you will find various unfinished shapes and designs, allowing you to create your own feel and colour for the fixture. The full range of designs is ideal for homes that want to provide a stylish and functional entranceway to their garden. 

If you would like to explore the entire range of external doors available here at Leader Doors, we have hundreds of designs to choose from.

4 Items
4 Items

Finding the right wooden gate for your property couldn’t be easier in our diverse range of designs available here at Leader Doors. You will find a range of garden gates within the collection from trusted brands such as XL Joinery and JB Kind


Why install a wooden gate?

Not only will the exterior of your home look sophisticated and appealing, but you will also have an easy access point to your garden or outdoor space. A wooden gate also increases the security of your premises and allows you to create a perimeter for your property. We also have a wide range of external doors for you to choose from.


Are external gates long-lasting?

Yes, at Leader Doors we guarantee weather-resistant, hardwearing external gates that will last you and your family! Discover affordable and robust wooden gates here at Leader Doors today, where you can paint or stain the colour of your choice. The selection of wooden garden gates includes an array of shapes, designs, and materials for you to choose from, including redwood and pine.