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External Timber Garage Doors

Timber garage doors make a fantastic addition to any home thanks to their naturally beautiful finish. Our side-hung wooden garage doors are some of our most popular sellers, owing to their simple fitting and quality construction that makes them durable. To shop exlusive garage doors, shop our Liberty range.

7 Items
7 Items

Our Timber Garage Doors are make the perfect addition to any home and are a popular choice here at Leader Doors. Choosing the right wooden garage door is easy, thanks to the simple choices on offer. We can provide garage doors un-finished for your own choice of colour or fully finished in a white painted style - meaning all that you have to do is hang them!

Benefits of Timber Garage Doors

Aside from their more rustic charm and appearance, our garage doors offer some benefits over metal mechanised counterparts on offer elsewhere and when looking for a new garage door, the sheer volume of options available can be a bit overwhelming! Sectional, roller, timber, steel, side hung, up-and-over, the list goes on. So which garage door should you choose? Thanks to the versatility of the wooden timber, our garage doors can be customised to suit your opening size, rather than having to have complex metal doors built to your size (which can be pricey!).

Long life garage doors

Our garage doors are easy to repair and maintain, most coming with a lifetime guarantee, this ensures that you have peace of mind that the front of your home will look fantastic for a longer time. Above all else, the aesthetic the garage doors bring to your home, with natural timber, totally complements the design.

We stock a range of accessories for all garage doors and a large range of external doors to match in similar styles.