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External Doors

External doors are always a worthwhile investment when you buy one of a high quality, the problem is designs will often sacrifice style for security but we have worked with a number of our supplies to make sure you can have exceptional security and style in one single product.

Standard External Doors

Any part of a building that can access the outside can make use of a Standard External door, designed to protect itself from the elements these doors can withstand various types of weather day in day out. The real benefit is when the door is fully fitted into it's frame and sealed properly, this makes it a great choice for a more eco-friendly home as it will stop heat escaping as easily.

External Doorsets

We know that to get the most out of an External Door it needs proper fitting, this means finding a suitable frame, sealing accessories and hardware that can make the whole process difficult. As a solution to this we can supply External Doorsets that include everything needed to make the most out of the product, giving you the means for a professional quality product with little hassle when fitting. Some designs actually come with everything built-in so you literally just need to fix the frame where you want it and the job is done.

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