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Investing in a reliable External Door is always a wise choice, but the problem is usually people expect a door to either only look nice or be highly secure, we're here to show you it can be both! Our selection of External Doors serve a multitude of different locations and are designed specifically for these areas.

Standard External Doors

Whether its accessing the front, back or side of the house - anything that connects to the outside needs to be secure and pleasing for you to see day in day out. Our collection is refined down by material so you can look for something that suits your taste or matches with your internal doors if you're looking to maintain a theme. We also feature some Doorsets that will include the entire sealed frame so you can buy a full secure door, frame and accessories in one go.

Patio Doors

An increasingly popular choice leading to the garden, Patio Doors are an exceptional way to open your home during the warmer periods of the year but its important to make sure you pick something that'll safely fit into your home's shape as the frames are rather large.

If you have any problems finding a suitable door, please contact our Sales Team and we'll be happy to assist you as best we can.

External Doors