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Door Frames, Architrave & Skirting

Fitting a door correctly is crucial to it lasting a long time without causing problems, it becomes even more of a nightmare when the parts you need don't match or can't be adjusted to suit the door. That's why we've worked with many of our suppliers to provide an array of suitable frames, liners and other joinery products to make fitting a complete door easier.


Pair Makers

Most doors don't come as a pair door but two can be converted to a pair door rather easily with the use of a Pair Maker, once fitted onto one of the doors it will become the slave door and act as a rebate for the second door allowing them to fit together nicely. Additional hardware can be used to allow the pair doors to be locked individually or together.


Frames, Architrave and Skirting

These three are the main pieces that create the space where the door is fitted and it can be important to keep their look consistent throughout the room, as such many of these accessories are available in several materials so you can find a suitable match. Some are even broken down into different moulding styles so you have full control as to how the final style looks.


Want to confirm a colour will match or have a question about one of our products? Contact our sales team who will be happy to help with any enquires.