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Sash Locks

Sleek & excellent, these hybrid lock mechanisms are engineered for extreme safety. Sash locks use a combination of a deadbolt, latch, & handle for exceptional protection - just close the door, and the sash lock will lock it for you! No more worrying trying to remember if the door is locked with this range of heavy duty sash locks. Unsurprisingly, our sash locks are one of the most common versions of lever locks designed for interior and exterior doors. 

Looking for sturdy, long-lasting protection for doors? View similar ranges, such as our dead lock collection, to keep your home safe!

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Pick up the right door hardware by browsing our impressive collections on offer at Leader Doors. To better accommodate the increase in popularity that these locks have had, we have expanded our range of sash door lock hardware with more beautiful finishes such as nickel platingpolished brass & many other styles to let you find a product that meets your tastes.


How does a sash lock work?

Sash locks, or mortice sash locks, work with a pair of handles provided for each side of a door. The sash lock includes a dead lock that will sping-lock the door when closed. This range of spring locks is suitable for internal and external doors, providing the utmost security for you and your home. 


Sash lock or deadlock for my doors and home?

Deadlocks do not have a latch, so the door will not stay closed when unlocked! Bear this in mind when choosing the right lock for your door. Besides, both types of locks provide superb security and are classed as heavy-duty. For more information & advice, contact our 24/7 customer support team via our instant chat. We are more than happy to assist you with our whole range of door hardware.