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Bathroom Locks

Install one of our bathroom locks for increased privacy at home! This collection of locks is designed for bathrooms, wet rooms, and en-suites; and is sure to keep out unwanted guests & visitors! 

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16 Items

Ensure that your bathroom has the privacy it deserves by choosing one of our excellent bathroom locks on offer.


Which type of lock is best for a bathroom?

Each type of lock performs different roles, and each possesses unique features. Looking for a sleek & discreet bathroom lock? Thumb turns are the perfect lock for a bathroom or en-suite! Paired with a handle, these lightweight turn locks provide great security & privacy. They are extremely cheap & easy to install. These thumb turn locks can come with indicators, depending on your style, which tell your guests & visitors if the bathroom is in use for less awkward knocks! 


Will I need to pair a handle with my lock?

You may need a handle to operate the door, depending on your lock choice. Luckily, we stock handle packs that include handles, latches, hinges, locks & more - everything you need for a DIY-friendly home improvement!