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Butt Hinges

Hang your doors using one of our heavy duty butts hinges. These butt hinges are designed for medium to heavy loads while providing a premium finish to your interior doors. Whether installing a new door or replacing an old hinge, consider one of Leader Door's engineered butt hinges in a modern satin finish or our popular gold metallic to achieve a traditional aesthetic. 

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Featuring a broad range of high quality butt hinges, we at Leader Doors are confident you will find the right hinge for your door.


What is a butt hinge?

Also known as a mortise hinge, a but hinge is installed to connect a door to its frame. The hinge includes a vertical column that acts as a pivot, allowing the door to be swung open and closed. 


How to install a butt hinge?

A butt hinge is a renowned type of door hardware as it is incredibly cheap and easy to install. The hinge can be installed on either side of the door, with the attached side, but this will decide how the door will function. A quick rule of thumb is to install the hinge on the right-hand side of the door with the handle on the left to open the door outward. Right-hand hinges get installed on the left side of the door if you want the door to open outward with the knob on the right side. 

If you are feeling rusty, we have a helpful guide on How To Change Hinges available on our blog.