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Door Hinges

If you are replacing an old door or installing a new one, you will need to hang it to the frame with a hinge. Choosing the right door hinge is an important part of fitting an internal door, so Leader Doors supplies ample options for sturdy hinges using excellent materials and designs. 

Looking for decorative hinges to complement your interior decor, or ensure the security of your doors? Or both? You can find exactly what you need within our range of hinges!

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Hinges are a key component for a door, that's why nothing but the best will suffice. At Leader Doors we stock only the finest quality door hinges that never compromise on style & durability.


What are the different types of hinges?

Each hinge is identified by its unique look and function. Hinges are used to hang doors and allow them to swing open and closed. Because not every door is the same, there are many types of hinges. Depending on the door's weight, size, usage, and style you will need a certain type of hinge. Some of these hinges are load-bearing for heavier doors and others are lightweight and engineered for easy installation and maintenance. 


Which door hinge should I buy?

Selecting the correct type of hinge is vital to hanging your door, gate, or cabinet. If you are unsure which door hinge you should use, look at the aspects of the fixture that needs fitting; such as size, weight, usage, and style. For larger doors, look at ball bearing hinges designed for heavier loads. Need a hinge for lightweight cabinets and cupboards? Shop easy-to-install flush hinges designed for light doors and fixtures. 

For any advice and guidance on which door hinge to buy, contact our 24/7 expert team of door specialists who are more than happy to help!

Why purchase door hinges from Leader Doors?

Door hinges are essential aesthetically and functionally. How else would you open and close your door? Finding door hinges that match your style of door and home design is just as important. Leader Doors offer a huge selection of door hinges, from special fire rated safety hinges to bespoke external gate hinges. 

Leader Doors deliver premium quality hardware from top brands such as Dale Hardware, Frelan Hardware, and Intelligent Hardware - so rest assured that your door hinges are of the best calibre for a durable and long lasting solution.