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Door Handle Sets For Fire Doors

Equip your fire doors with unmatched elegance. Leader Doors brings Door Handle Sets combining safety compliance with top-tier aesthetics. Protection meets unparalleled style.

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Safety is paramount, but that doesn't mean you compromise on style. With Leader Doors’ Door Handle Sets for Fire Doors, you're not just adhering to safety standards but also ensuring your doors remain a testament to impeccable taste.

Whether it’s the corporate finesse of a black Lever on Square Rose by Atlantic UK or the timeless appeal of a silver Lever on Round Rose from Intelligent Hardware, our range ensures every fire door is both secure and stylish. The metallic sheen of silver finishes – be it matt, polished, or satin – not only adds to the allure but is a symbol of endurance and reliability.

Given the critical role fire doors play, our handle sets are meticulously crafted to ensure compliance without an iota of design compromise. So, you're not just installing a door handle; you're making a statement of safety, style, and sophistication.


How do handle sets for fire doors differ from regular ones?

While aesthetics play a big role, handle sets for fire doors are specifically designed to withstand higher temperatures and meet rigorous safety standards, all while ensuring your door's style remains intact.

Can I use any handle type for my fire door?

Our collection for fire doors offers Lever on Square Rose and Lever on Round Rose handle types. Depending on your aesthetic preference, both options are crafted to perfectly complement the door’s safety features.

How do I ensure the finish and colour match my fire door's design?

With finishes ranging from silver metallics to matt and colours like black and silver, our range allows flexibility. Consider the door's shade and room's overall theme – a polished finish may uplift a contemporary setting, while matt might be apt for muted elegance.