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Door Handle Sets For Bathrooms

Discover unmatched finesse with Leader Doors’ Door Handle Sets. Spanning from the vintage allure of antique finishes to the polished glow of chrome, redefine every entryway in style.

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74 Items

Every door in your home plays a pivotal role, and what better way to accentuate its function than with the right handle set? Leader Doors, staying true to its commitment to quality and style, presents the Door Handle Sets collection that’s more than just hardware – it's a statement.

Home office? Opt for the boldness of black with the sleek Lever on Round Rose from Atlantic UK. Modern lounge? The sophistication of Intelligent Hardware’s Lever on Square Rose in polished chrome becomes the emblem of contemporary design. And for those looking to infuse a touch of the past, our antique finishes harken to times of elegance and grandeur.

With a spectrum of colours, including the luxurious brass and silver, and finishes ranging from matt to satin, there's an embodiment of your personal style waiting to be discovered. And we don’t just serve aesthetics; our packs come equipped with all you need, be it hinges, latches, locks, or the full ensemble.


How do I decide between a Lever on Round Rose and a Lever on Square Rose?

It boils down to your room's vibe. A Lever on Round Rose offers classic, timeless appeal, perfect for traditional or versatile settings. In contrast, a Lever on Square Rose exudes modernity, making it apt for contemporary spaces.


What's the advantage of choosing a full handle set pack with hinges, latches, and locks?

A full set provides a seamless, hassle-free installation experience. You get all necessary components, ensuring compatibility and design coherence, making your door functional and fashionable in one go.


Can I mix and match finishes and colours?

Absolutely! While our handle sets come with designated finishes, you can always pair them with doors of varying hues. Think a matt finish with a dark door or a satin with lighter tones. Dive