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Door Hardware Sets

Unveil the perfect finishing touch for every room with our vast array of door handles. From the sleek sophistication of chrome finishes to the timeless charm of gold metallics, every door beckons elegance.

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Behind every door lies a story, and every story deserves the right introduction. Enter Leader Doors' extensive collection of door handles – the quintessential accessory to enhance any room's aesthetics.

Crafting a suave home office or designing the dream walk-in wardrobe, we offer establish handles from brands like Atlantic UK, Frelan Hardware, and Intelligent Hardware. From the subtle grace of satin finishes to the undying allure of polished chrome, our range encapsulates variety and luxury in each piece.

And it doesn’t stop at style. We understand functionality is paramount. Whether you're outfitting a bathroom, ensuring safety with fire doors, or just looking to add a statement with pull handles, we've got you covered. Delve into our subcategories, from Door Handle Sets and Bathroom-specific sets to those crafted for Fire Doors and our exclusive collection of Door Handles & Knobs.

But remember, the beauty lies in the details. So, when you're piecing together your interior story, make sure it starts with the perfect handle turn from Leader Doors.


What's the difference between a door handle set and a pull handle set?

A door handle set typically includes knobs or handles, hinges, and a lock or latch mechanism, offering a comprehensive solution for door installation. On the other hand, pull handles are standalone pieces, often used for statement designs or specific stylistic choices. Both, undoubtedly, are crafted for aesthetic brilliance and functionality.

How do I choose the right finish for my door handle?

Think about the room’s ambiance. A satin finish offers a muted elegance perfect for bedrooms or private spaces. In contrast, a polished chrome or gold metallic radiates a bold sophistication, fitting for main areas like living rooms or hallways. No matter your choice, our collection boasts the right shine for every room's story.

Are there special handle sets for bathrooms and fire doors?

Absolutely! Bathrooms require privacy and functionality, and our Bathroom-specific handle sets cater to that need. For spaces demanding higher safety standards, our Fire Door handle sets ensure compliance without compromising on style.