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Skirting helps blend your door and lower walls into the rest of the room's design while protecting the lowest part of an interior wall. Skirting boards set the benchmark for your room. We supply great colours, finishes, and effects to help set the tone of your interior spaces! 

We deliver packs of great length so you can cut the installation cost; browse the entire door architecture catalogue for more home improvement options. 

14 Items
14 Items
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Designed to protect both your doors & walls, our collection of skirting boards come in a variety of colours & styles for you to choose from.


What are skirting boards?

Usually favoured in timber oak material, skirting boards run along the bottom of interior walls to help transform any space. Skirting covers the joining of walls and floor while adding decoration to the room. Looking for skirting boards to match your home decor? We supply various colours and materials, such as fully-finished oak and white, to keep your home stylish and on-trend.


Why are skirting boards needed?

Skirting boards are convenient for home design as they protect exposed wall spaces and can incorporate rebates to allow for the integration of cabled and small pipes.