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Door Hardware

Door hardware and door accessories are an essential part of fitting and finishing a door. When buying a new door it needs to look perfect, and that's where door hardware can help. From gorgeous designer handles to quality British Standard security locks, you really can complete the look of any door by customising it exactly how you’d like it to look and function with simple pieces of door hardware from our collection at Leader Doors.

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Personalize your chosen doors with our wide variety of beautifully crafted door hardware including door handles and other essential door accessories. Easily browse our different door hardware brands, designs and finishes and discover door hardware and door accessories to suit all customer preferences from lever on roses to designer backplate handles and more.

Matching Door Hardware Sets

Often customers can find that if they have one piece of door hardware that they like, it becomes a daunting task to find a suitable matching handle, hinge or any other kind of door hardware for that matter! We've decided to help take care of this problem by providing an excellent collection of door hardware sets that contain every type of door hardware you need to fit a door whether it be for standard doors, fire doors or bathroom doors - making choosing door hardware a breeze as you only need to pick a suitable finish.

Our Door Hardware Styles


It's no surprise that we see different types of door hardware in different places, something you would use in a commercial property might not be the best choice for a home or vice-versa. As such, we've worked to bring you a wide variety of decorative door hardware such as door handles & knobs that can be matched perfectly with the more architectural side of door hardware such as door hinges or security hardware like door chains or locks & latches, giving you the freedom to choose a style you like without having to compromise on the important function of door hardware.

Door Hardware For Door Installation

Not every door accessory has to be built into the door itself, there are many things to consider around the door to ensure it has been fitted correctly. To help keep installation simple we stock several useful door accessories such as architrave and door frames & liners that help with fitting the door in precisely and making it easier to seal a door if you wish to. We also have door accessories such as pair makers if you're looking to convert two doors into a pair door which can make a big change to a room by providing you a bigger opening. Any further questions about our door hardware at Leader Doors? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you all the advice you need.