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Choosing a Door Lock

Door locks are incredibly important if you want to stop just anyone from walking into your house! There are plenty of different types of door lock to choose from, & the best choice will entirely depend on the type doors you’re looking to secure. We’ve put together a quick guide to door locks to help you make the right decision for a more safe & secure home.

Firstly, consider the material of the door you’re looking to secure.

Locks for Timber Doors

There are several different locks suitable for timber doors, from basic latches to locks that require a key. These locks include:

Mortice sashlock

A combination of a mortice lock and a latch mechanism, this type of lock means you can open and close the door without having to use a key, but you can lock it securely with a key when you leave the house. If you want to increase security, choose a 5 lever sashlock. For internal doors that require a key, choose the standard 3 lever sashlock.

Mortice deadlock

This type of lock is a key operated bolt that’s usually used alongside another type of lock such as a nightlatch. Fitted around waist height, you can lock the door from the inside or the outside with a deadlock.


Perfect for securing external entrance doors, the nightlatch allows you to open and close the door from the inside as you would with an ordinary doorknob or handle, but will lock simply by you closing the door again. From the outside, a key is required to unlock the door.

Rim cylinder

Always used alongside a nightlatch, a rim cylinder is a key turning mechanism that allows you to open your front door from the outside using a key. Usually, a nightlatch will come with a rim cylinder provided.

Locks for PVCu doors

Many of the lock types available for timber doors are suitable for use with PVCu doors, but a key difference between locks for timber doors and locks for PVCu doors is the inclusion of a euro cylinder.

Euro cylinder

There are three basic types of euro cylinder, each forming an important part of most locks from multi-point locks to mortice locks. Easily replaced, they are the most popular choice of lock, but consider which type of cylinder you required based on the level of security you’re looking for:
Single Cylinder
Key access from one side only
Double Cylinder
Key access from both sides of the door
Double Cylinder with Thumb Turn
Key access from one side and thumb turn from the other side

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