What Does The Colour of a Front Door Mean?

Your front door is the first impression that people get of your home, whether that be nosey neighbours, invited guests or even the postman. That first impression can be a lasting one, so you want to make sure that you’re choosing a colour that best reflects the type of home that’s inside, and the type of person that you are!

There’s been plenty said on the meaning of colours before, whether it’s some self-proclaimed fashion guru telling you that a blue suit makes you look more intelligent or that wearing too much red can make you appear a bit overconfident, but what about when it comes to something like your front door? We’re a bit more practical about things like that, but while we agree that white or natural wood doors are one of the safest and most popular options, there’s always room to branch out a bit.

So what does the colour of a front door mean?


Let’s start with the obvious one. Everyone loves a white door, whether it’s PVC or painted. It has the potential to give an impression of cleanliness, whether the interior of your home would beg to differ or not. Cleanliness is always a great impression to give the neighbours, but remember that too much can appear a bit sterile and unfriendly too.


We love a bold door, and you can’t get much bolder than red. We’ll skip over all the boring stuff about red standing for danger or war, it’s only a front door. Red front doors can actually give off a really positive vibe of high energy, making it the perfect choice for a bustling household.


Alright, we don’t often see a pink door, but we’re open to the idea! Pink is typically a soft and gently colour, so pink front doors can remind people of love and romance – it could be a good pick for a loved up couple!


The brain translates colours in strange ways, doesn’t it? Orange is one of those colours that immediately makes us think of warm, cosy things. If you’ve got a lovely woodland themed interior, a burnt orange front door could be the perfect choice for you to give that autumnal sense of safety and comfort.


There’s no prize for guessing what a yellow front door says about your home. Yellow is famously associated with happiness and positivity. It grabs people’s attention and gives off a really positive energy that will probably cheer up their day! If you love a yellow front door, you’ve probably got a few inspiration quotes dotted around the home and aren’t afraid of giving the neighbours a cheery hello on a morning.


Light or dark, green is almost always associated with nature when it’s applied to home interiors and exteriors – it’s not likely to give the impression that you’re a moneybags so don’t worry about tempting the burglars in with a green front door. If you’re a keen gardener or love a few house plants, a green front door might be your bag.


Blue front doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice. While most blue front doors are quite a dark navy, we’ve also seen light blues and turquoise blues on the rise too. Blue is supposed to evoke a sense of adventure or worldliness, it’s quite a thoughtful colour (looks like we’re about to associate it with intelligence after all) so it can give the impression of a studious, world-wise family inside.


Let’s not assume that a purple front door means that you’re associated with royalty. In fact, purple doors are much more likely to give the impression of a creative home. If you’re really into the arts, a purple front door can give a creative and quirky look without being a bit too ‘out there’ for some of the less creative neighbours.


Grey has recently become one of the top trending colours for home design. It’s a modern alternative to plain white and can give a sophisticated and classic look without appearing too dreary. If you’re worried about grey looking too melancholy, we recommend styling your grey front door with brass or gold accents to warm up the appearance.


A classic colour for a front door, but often best avoided when it comes to your clothing, brown is an earthy and organic colour that says to your guests that they’re about to enter a comfortable home. You won’t stand out on the street, but everyone will feel right at home as they walk up to your house.


A strong colour, black is considered one of the most elegant or chic colours for a front door. Once upon a time, people might have associated it with negative connotations such as death, but it’s time to overlook all that! A black front door will sharpen up your doorstep and let visitors know to expect a chic and minimalist interior.

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