Types of Doors

Selecting the doors to install in your home is confusing at the best of times but when you start throwing around words such as flush doors, bi-fold doors, and composite doors it can get even more baffling to know which to pick. Thankfully, we’ve got just the guide for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the types of doors we have available, read on for the ultimate guide on the different types of doors for your home.

Types of Internal Doors

There are many types of internal doors so we’ll go over the most popular designs and their jargon to help make the decision simpler.

Flush doors are one of the most minimalistic door designs. They feature two plain faces that don’t have any kind of design on and are commonly found in contemporary homes. Flush doors are commonly available with three different core types – solid, hollow or stave.

A solid core is exactly that – solid. A sheet of material, such as particle board or foam, is used to completely fill the space between the two facings and the result is a simple door with good strength, added insulation, and great sound-proofing qualities.

Hollow cores feature only the most minimal of support between the two door panels. This is often in the form of corrugated cardboard in a lattice or honeycomb pattern. Stave core flush doors are the mid-point between solid and hollow and usually horizontal slats going all the way down the inside of the door. Hollow and stave door designs give the appearance of a solid wood door without the hefty price tag.

Panel doors are the types you’re most likely to come across as their simple silhouette and patterns means they fit into almost any style of home. They’re also a very affordable option and can be as intricate as you like, featuring designs that vary from two to twelve panels. The beauty of panel doors is their versatility. They can be completely solid wood, or have glass pane panels to allow some light through.

Finally, we have cottage doors. Although they fit perfectly within their namesake style of home, cottage doors aren’t just for old fashioned houses and make great, rustic additions to more modern abodes too. Made from multiple planks that stretch from the top to the bottom of a doorway, cottage doors are a great addition to period and contemporary homes alike.

Types of External Doors

Unlike their internal brethren, external doors have a lot more variation in the materials and finishes that are available.

Wood doors such as ones made from oak or pine are some of the most common front doors that Leaders Doors sells. They’re durable and, provided they’re correctly treated before installation, long-lasting against all weather. You can paint a wooden door any colour you like and they are a really sturdy option for keeping your home safe.

For the ultimate peace of mind, a composite door is a worthy investment. Made from a combination of many different materials, a composite door offers superior security, insulation, and protection for your home. Although composite doors are on the pricier end of the spectrum, it’s well worth the money as it can help save on your heating bills as well as being extra secure and less likely to be broken into.

Types of Patio Doors

A type of external door, patio doors are usually seen on the back of a home and lead out into the garden or, as the name suggests, directly onto the patio. In terms of materials and designs, they tend to be made from uPVC (although wood isn’t uncommon) with plenty of windows to bring a little bit of your outdoor space inside.

French patio doors are some of the most common patio door types and feature double doors with large windows that open outwards into your garden.

Types of Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors can be installed indoors or on an external wall. They’re ideal for small spaces as they fold open sideways rather than swinging out (or in) to a room or garden. They fold up neatly and help to preserve precious floor real estate. Installing them in a dining room can help give the impression of a large open plan space when guests are over, or they can be closed for a more intimate atmosphere. They’re also popular choices in offices as a way to block off meeting rooms and work spaces. Bi-fold doors are available in uPVC and wood so you have loads of choice and options.

Types of Sliding Doors

Another great space saver, sliding doors fit in well with both period and contemporary homes alike. These doors are usually mounted on a track above the door frame to allow them to slide from side to side. For narrow hallways and small bedrooms, they’re the perfect choice as they don’t take up valuable floor space but can still have the same design as a flush, panel, or cottage door. They’re all about versatility.

Types of Front Doors

Having an attractive front door is the best way to make a great first impression. Whether you choose to paint a wood door bright colours, opt for a super-secure composite door, or prefer something a little more understated such as a stylish white door, choosing a front door is a big decision.

With loads of options to select from, Leaders Doors is the best place to go for your front door. Choose between flush, panel, or cottage door designs in multiple different materials, colours, and finishes and keep your home, and your family, safe and secure.

No home is complete without a door. You need a front door for security, internal doors for privacy, and who can deny that having direct access to your patio isn’t wonderful? No matter whether you’re looking for a hollow flush internal door, a set of bi-fold patio doors, or are looking to save some space with a sliding door to the living room, Leaders Doors has every type of door you could ever need. Don’t forget to check out our full range of internal doors and if you need something really special you can take a look at our range of bespoke doors as well.

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