Turn Your Garden Gate Into a Focal Point

Your poor garden gate is often woefully overlooked, but it can be made into a lovely entrance to your garden if you pay it just a little extra attention! Often, garden gates will be the same height as your fencing, so you’ll need to make it stand out while ensuring that your garden fence is styled to suit. Here’s a few simple ways to create a garden gate worthy of being a focal point in your garden….

Hanging flowers can really change the appearance of a garden, with minimal effort.

Hanging Plants
Plants are an integral part of your garden. If you don’t have a good selection of flowers and shrubs, there’s nothing at all to look at and enjoy while you’re outside. We recommend attaching some hanging pots around your gate to make it clear that it’s an entranceway. Fill the pots full of bright and beautiful flowers in the summer such as pansies, roses and geraniums.

If you’re looking to create a really colourful garden, we recommend painting your garden gate in a bold and daring shade. How about sunshine yellow or periwinkle blue? Make sure that your garden gate stands out among the rest of your fencing.

Typically, there will be a path leading from your garden gate to the main part of your garden. To make the most of this, we recommend illuminating the pathway to make it more of a grand entranceway even when the sun’s gone down! Try placing small solar lights either side of the path in the gravel, or if there isn’t enough room on the ground, hang solar lights along the fence or the side of the house. Why not go the extra mile and hang fairy lights around the garden gate for a twinkling and inviting way to enter the garden?

The classic gnome, a solid choice to add character to any garden.

Garden Decorations
If you visit your local garden centre, you’re sure to find all kinds of decorations from gnomes to signs and plenty more! To draw more attention to your garden gate, why not attach a personalised sign welcoming guests to your garden? The personalised touch is sure to brighten up the entranceway.

Hidden Entrance
We know this sounds counterproductive, but adding a secret garden element to your garden gate will intrigue guests and make entering your garden all the more fun! Embedding the garden gate in a hedge and disguising it with a climbing plant will keep your garden gate a secret…and therefore a focal point!

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