Top 5: Internal Door Trends for 2018

Interior design has become increasingly popular with the everyman over the past few years, and this interest shows no signs of slowing down! More and more people are understanding the importance of getting their home interiors right, and paying attention to the top interior design trends each year has become a huge part of that.

After all, if you feel happy with your home interiors you’ll feel happier in yourself – and the way to make sure you’re happy with your home interiors is to transform not only the style but the function of your home!

One of the best ways to make a huge design impact on your home is to consider upstyling the doors. We’ve put together a list of the top five door trends for 2018 to help you give your home a little makeover that will go a long way – whether it be jumping on the latest colour trends, letting a little more light in, or simply adding in a few space saving tips and tricks such as pocket doors – you’ll find all of our top door trend predictions for the year ahead in this guide!

  1. Pocket Door Systems
    You may have noticed in the past few years that many houses are becoming more expensive yet are offering less space. A perfect door for those that have just invested in a new build in particular, pocket door systems can be life savers when you’re trying to save as much space as possible in the rooms of your home.Particularly popular for placing between bedrooms and ensuites or kitchens and dining or living rooms, pocket door systems mean that you can snugly slide your door into the wall – no more having to save space for your doors to open and shut when you’re planning on where to put all of your furniture!With more and more people choosing to live in flats or new build houses with smaller rooms, we predict that pocket door systems are going to not only become more popular, but essential for home interior design.
  1. Grey Internal Doors
    We’re sure you’ve picked up on this already, but grey is becoming one of the most popular colours in any interior design palette. Grey is a versatile colour for interior design as it easily makes any colour pop. By choosing an internal grey door, you open up your design options for wall and furniture colouring.We’ve seen some beautiful interior designs using grey doors paired with design features such as pastel pink furniture, yellow walls and copper or gold door hardware. Grey assists any colour in becoming even brighter, and it’s the perfect colour for anyone looking to create a minimalist vibe in their home.
  1. Laminate Doors
    You’ve heard of laminate flooring versus real wood flooring, but what about laminate doors versus solid wood doors? Well, laminate doors are topping the charts for another year running thanks to similar benefits that apply to laminate floors.Laminate doors give you all the stunning effect of solid wood doors, at a fraction of the cost. Laminate doors are designed to mimic the natural grain effect of a classic timber door and as such give you much more choice if you’re looking to match the timber to your flooring or skirting boards for a consistent look throughout your home.
  1. Wood Veneers
    Okay this isn’t anything new, but wood veneers are set to be as popular as they always are this year. It’ll come as no surprise to door trend aficionados that oak internal doors are going to be huge again this year – and so they should be! Wood veneer doors are perfect for styling to both contemporary and traditionally styled homes, and you’ve got a huge selection of woods to choose from.The most popular in the past, and tipped to be just as popular this year, are oak internal doors and walnut internal doors. Warm woods are set to be the most popular doors for 2018, especially those that reflect natural timber with subtle changes to colouration and graining.
  1. Bespoke Doors
    Bespoke doors might sound like an indulgence at first, but they’re much more available to the average homeowner than you might think! While some may look for bespoke doors to be made to fit in with the design specifications of their home, many are turning to bespoke doors for much more practical reasons.A bespoke door doesn’t just mean you get a bespoke look but also a bespoke size. This is key. If you have an opening in your home, for example the opening leading from the garage to your home that’s an odd size, you can get a bespoke door to fit this opening which adds insulation to your home at the same time!

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