Tailor Your Doors with Deanta

With more than twenty years experience in the door industry, and more than fifty years experience in building and design, Deanta don’t see themselves as just another door company. Established as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking door suppliers on the market, Deanta are on a mission to revolutionise the door industry.

Among many of the key benefits of a Deanta door, including a commitment to the environment and the quality of their doors, is the extent to which Deanta doors can be customised to fit the exact needs of the customer.

Deanta believe that they are unrivalled in the UK door market because of this ability to tailor their doors so extensively. They offer the largest lippings available on the UK internal door market. Each door has an 18mm lipping around the entire door, which means that hinging can be fitted without risking any damage to the solid wood core of their doors.

To guarantee that a Deanta door can fit into any size door opening, the doors are built so that a grand total of 32mm can be removed from the height and the width of each of their doors.

The flexibility of this sizing makes Deanta a favourite from the Leader Doors collection of internal doors. If you’ve bought a period home with smaller doorways – Deanta can provide you with modern, high quality doors to fit no matter what your requirements that won’t be damaged during the fitting of hinges and other door hardware.

How else can you benefit from a Deanta door? Their sizing isn’t the only reason that Deanta believe they’re unrivalled in the UK door market. Their solid doors are built with specially selected crown cut wood veneers including oak and walnut which gives their doors a unique, real timber look and feel – you can even find authenticity in the open grain finish which results in a more natural looking door. Tough and durable, Deanta doors are produced using recycled FSC certified solid cores, and their toughened glass is mark and stain resistant.

The environmentally conscious can also benefit from these adaptable and high quality doors. Deanta are committed to the environment, operating in responsible manner that strives to reduce impact on the environment wherever possible. All of the timber and packaging used to produce their doors is FSC certified to ensure sustainability.

At Leader Doors, we couldn’t recommend Deanta more for those looking for a highly tailorable, durable and environmentally responsible set of doors for your home. Choose from standard Deanta doors or fire doors depending on your requirements in a large selection of materials from popular oak and walnut to ash and abachi and even white primed Deanta doors.

Browse our full collection of Deanta doors at Leader Doors to see the full list of customisable options available today.

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