Our Guide to Buying Doors

Buying doors can be a tricky process if you’re not sure what requirements you should be looking for. A highly customisable interior and exterior item, doors come in a whole host of varieties based on your required measurements, desired style, and function. But how will you know exactly what you need from your interior doors? We at Leader Doors have put together a short guide to buying doors that we hope will help you in your remodelling project.

What Size Door Should I Buy?

Measuring for an internal door is a breeze, all you need a tape measure and the door frame you need a door for! Make sure this is your first step, as choosing a door before you know the measurements opens you up to huge risk and possible financial loss! Here’s how to do it…

  • Measure the top, middle and bottom of the frame opening. Choose the widest measurement to determine the width of your new door.
  • Measure the left, centre and right points of the frame but vertically this time. Choose the longest length to determine how high your door needs to be.
  • Consider any adjustments, if your door isn’t a perfect fit for the frame it can be reduced, but can’t be made any bigger!

Which Style of Door is Right for Me?

Doors are typically made with a wood finish, so take a look at the floors and furniture in your home and see which finish would suit best. We have a huge selection of internal doors to choose from, including oak doors, walnut doors, pine doors, hardwood doors and more.

If you’re looking for something a little different, we also stock a variety of room dividers and cavity door systems, and if you don’t yet have a frame and you’re looking for the full package you should take a look at our internal doorsets.

What About External Doors?

While you may be tempted to fit an internal door as a solution for your patio door, we at Leader Doors understand the importance of making sure your external door is thick enough to properly insulate your home. By working closely with suppliers including Jeld-Wen and LPD Doors, we’re able to provide you with excellent external door solutions that can be measured and chosen to suit your home in exactly the same way as internal doors.

Once you’ve considered the style and fit of the door, take a look through our full Doors collection for more remodelling inspiration.

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