Our Bespoke Door Service

If you’ve been shopping around for your dream doors but are having trouble finding the right size for you home, we at Leader Doors can help. As door specialists, we have plenty of bespoke made-to-measure options, meaning you never have to settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to redesigning your home.

Getting in touch with us is the first and most important step. Whatever your needs, our door experts are ready to listen to your requirements, whether you need a non-standard size or a door to fit a specific configuration. It’s very likely that we’ll be able to supply the door you like in a custom size, even if it’s a complete one-off! We’re adding doors to our bespoke range daily, so we’re confident that we can help you get the door you need, even if the size isn’t listed on our site.

Once you’ve had a good chat with our friendly door experts, we’ll take down every detail of your requirements and pass it to our suppliers. They’ll be able to get you an exact price for the cost of manufacturing the door and an estimated delivery time, so you know exactly what to expect from our bespoke door service.

If you’re happy with what our suppliers have suggested, we’ll confirm your order. They’ll then get back in touch with a CAD drawing. If you’re not sure what that is, don’t worry. It’s simply a computer-aided design which allows you to see exactly what your door will look like. We’ll send you the CAD drawing for approval so you can check that your exact specifications are being met. This process should only take a few days, which means no long periods of waiting for your new doors!

Each door will be carefully manufactured to your exact needs, and as a bonus, they’ll be environmentally-friendly. Our bespoke doors are built using FSC or PEFC certified timber, which is sourced from sustainable forests. For extra peace of mind, we assure you that once your door has arrived there will be no need for complex alterations to the door, which can be known to increase fitting costs with carpenters or joiners.

Once your doors are ready, we’ll deliver them to you. The delivery will be arranged depending entirely on your availability and doors will be carefully packaged with additional protection.

In total, ordering bespoke doors will take approximately 10-14 weeks maximum, so take this into account when planning your project deadlines.

For more detailed information about our bespoke door service, read our bespoke door guide.

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