Introduction to Cavity Wall Door Systems

Cavity wall door systems have become increasingly popular in contemporary style homes as they offer a versatile solution for open plan homes, allow more light to pass through the home, and can be a fantastic space saving solution in smaller homes.

So what are cavity wall door systems? Otherwise known as pocket doors, these systems allow you to hide the door within your walls when they’re not in use, which means that you save the floor space you need to open a standard door and can increase the natural flow of your home to create an open plan look that can still be sectioned off for privacy when needed.

We have a few different configurations at Leader Doors. Pocket door systems are available as single or double doors, and even fire doors for homes that must follow particular fire safety regulations. From a design point of view, cavity wall door systems are effortlessly modern and contribute towards a neat, minimalist and modern look in the home no matter which material you choose.

Our pocket door systems at Leader Doors support doors of 35mm and 44mm thickness (we have plenty in our collection of internal doors!), which gives you plenty of options in terms of style when choosing the doors that will be used with the cavity wall system.

Installing pocket doors can be a trickier business than simply choosing the doors. There are lots of factors to considering, such as electrical wires, water pipes, light switches and plug sockets that sit on or around the walls.

Even windows and radiators can present a problem when fitting a pocket door system as they take up a lot of room in the wall as well as the door opening – you often need a wall space that is the width of the door itself if not more.

The structure of the walls in your home must also be carefully considered – load bearing walls will need to be supported during the installation to avoid any structural damage. We suggest getting expert advice from our team here at Leader Doors – so just contact us if you have any questions!

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