How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Front Door & Frame?

The front door of your house has the most important role in your house. It keeps you, your family and your most loved possessions safe – so it’s important to ensure it’s doing the role well. The door frame is also just as important as the door itself when it comes to safety. 

There are many things to consider when investing in such a crucial element of your home. If you’ve decided it’s time to replace your front door, we’ve put together this blog, which will help you understand how much a new front door and frame costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Front Door And Door Frame?

There are a number of factors that play into the cost of a new door and door frame such as supply chain issues, labour shortages and fuel costs. The average cost of a new door depends on the type you choose but can range anywhere from £250-2000. However, the price of materials has inflated by 40-80% and will likely continue to fluctuate so we always recommend getting at least three quotes before deciding. 

Costs To Consider

Of course considering the type of door and frame you want is a major factor when replacing them, something we’ll explore further below. For some inspiration, explore our blog with Eight Modern Front Door Ideas & Designs.

But there are still many other things to take into account to ensure you know what you’ll likely have to spend. Here are some of them:

Building Regulations:

It may be necessary to notify Building Control when installing a new door frame as this work is classed as a ‘control fitting’.


So, how much does installing a door cost? This can vary and your quotes won’t always include this cost. Fitting a front door isn’t straightforward and you may not want to do it yourself. If you do choose to have it installed professionally, ensure you use a specialist supplier registered with a competent person scheme. If you need any DIY tips, check out our blog on How To Fit A Door Frame.


If you’ve decided to go with a new timber door and frame, it’s often necessary to paint this yourself or to pay a professional to do so. If you’re replacing an exterior door frame, it’s essential to weatherproof this as soon as possible. If you need advice, head to our blog on how to weatherproof doors.

Door Lock:

When fitting a new door frame, it may not be possible to use the current door lock, in which case you may need to replace it. Even if you don’t need to change the lock it can be a smart choice to do this anyway as it will improve the security of the door.


You may get lucky and find that the person replacing your front door and door frame will dispose of the materials but when this isn’t the case, you can call most local authorities who will collect and safely dispose of it for you.

How Much Is A New Front Door and Door Frame?

Here are the most common types of doors and some of their pros and cons: 


Oak, pine, hardwood. Traditionally front doors were made of wood and there are many types of wooden doors available today. Strong and durable, solid hardwood doors are popular but take a lot of maintenance to avoid warping, cracking and peeling. Easy to customise to your own taste, they offer a classic, natural look, however they’re less weather-resistant and durable than others on the market. Period and listed buildings generally require you to have a wooden front door and window frames. Wooden doors are the most expensive on the market but with the right care, you can expect them to last a lifetime.

Composite Doors:

Composite doors have become the most popular alternative to uPVC and they are more aesthetically pleasing. Made from a variety of materials such as fibreglass, uPVC, foam and timber, they’re slightly thicker and offer better security. They’re strong, low maintenance, extremely energy efficient doors and with the expected lifetime of around 35 years, they’re worth the extra money you’ll spend.


Launched in the eighties, Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride (uPVC) doors are extremely popular because they are the cheapest on the market and they are easy to look after. Earlier iterations were highly criticised because of a flaw with their locking system but these issues have been resolved and they are now widely used. 

Should You Replace A Door Frame At The Same Time As A Door?

You don’t always have to replace your door frame with your door, however it is generally recommended to ensure they fit perfectly together. Frames will drop and warp over time which makes it difficult to introduce a new door. 

If your door frame is in good condition and you’re replacing your door like-for-like, you may not need a new frame. However you may still need to move hinges or latches which can leave gaps and could compromise the durability of the door. 

The frame is as much a part of the integrity and security as the door so if your door frame has been damaged it is crucial to replace it. You will also need to replace your door frame if you have decided to change the type of door you have (for example from uPVC to composite). On top of that, changing the frame to match the door for aesthetics is also a factor to consider. 

Here at Leader Doors, we offer a plethora of options, so explore our site if you’re looking for a new wooden front door.

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