Does Your Home Appeal to a Burglar?

Your front door can say so much about your home; it can be a place to showcase your personal style, create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, and even show off to the neighbours. But did you know that your front door and the way it’s presented can also be appealing to a criminal mind?

The appearance of the front of your home may be making a burglar sit up and take notice, making you their next target…

So, what is it that they look for? Let’s look at some key points.

1. A House That Stands Out

Homes can stand out for a number of reasons, whether you’re dressing up the front lawn with lavish ornaments and a posh car sitting on the drive, or your house looks overgrown and neglected. You can attract unwanted attention if the front of your home looks too overdone as they’ll assume the interior is equally furnished with expensive items, but also, if the house looks poorly maintained they’ll see an opportunity for an easy break-in in a possibly uninhabited property.

2. Easy-access

The ideal situation for a burglar would be to just walk through the front door and take anything they like. While you may not think your front door gives this impression, a lack of visible locks, an alarm system or any other security measures could prove to be a problem. Leaving windows open often gives the impression of an easy-access route for entry and exit, so make sure to close & secure windows when not in the house.

3. Cover from view

The worst enemy of the burglar is a nosey neighbour, so if you have alternate entrances to your home such as back doors that don’t have visible security locks, this makes their job much easier. The same goes for landscaping that you think offers you greater privacy – those tall hedges all the way around the front of your garden may stop the neighbours from snooping on your activities, but it also gives burglars a great place to hide and sneak into your home without being overlooked.

4. Signs that you’re away

If you’re going on holiday, there are several techniques you can use to give the appearance that you’re still in the house. Putting indoor and outdoor lights on a timer can make it look like someone’s at home even if the blinds are closed, and you can offer your drive to neighbours as a parking space to make it look as though people are coming and going from the house. Your front door can be a huge giveaway though – if you have a glazed front door, you may be able to see letters and other post piling up on the inside. So if your front door has any glazing panels, pass a key to family, friends or a neighbour and ask them to pick up the post every couple of days for you.

The impact that your chosen front door and locks & latches have upon the security of your home can be huge, so make sure that you take this into consideration when choosing your front door and contact us if you have any queries!

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