Buying Guide: Bifold Doors Opening Config & Security

Thinking about buying bifold doors? They’re a great space saver and can add value to your home. Keep reading this buying guide that we’ve created for all you need to know about bifold doors before you commit to your purchase.

What Are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are made up of panels that are hinged together and slide on runners in the floor and upper lintel or beam of a doorway. They have become a popular alternative to french and sliding doors to close a large doorway. They can add value, ambience and space-saving functionality to homes and commercial spaces. A great benefit of bifold doors is that the structure and large glass surface area allows for increased natural lighting within a room, even when it’s closed. 

Bifold doors also work well as a solution to opening up a barrier between the interior and exterior of your house – such as a garden – without compromising floor space. The most significant factor in favour of installing bifold doors is that you can utilise as much as 90% of a doorway area. It is important to remember though that depending on the chosen style, they will require a little space at the ends where the ‘leaves’ are stored in an open position.

What Is The Standard Opening For Bifold Doors?

When it comes to bifold door opening options, the panels slide and fold simultaneously as you open the door and fold back into a compact storage area. Only one panel needs to be opened for quick access on a regular basis which makes this door type one of the most functional for a large indoor space that needs separation. 

The number of panels alters the bifold opening operation. An odd number of panels means you’re able to have all panels sliding one way whereas an even number does not. If you have an odd number of panels, you can benefit from a multi-point locking system and you’re also able to have a single door leaf (master door) for easy access. Bifold doors with an even amount of panels sliding in a single direction do not allow you to have a leaf door. 

Bifold doors can open inwards or outwards. Take note of the position of any furniture and fittings before deciding which direction they open. If you have limited space and your furniture sits close to where the bifold door will be installed, it’s best to have it fold outward. If the doorway leads to a smaller outdoor area such as a balcony, you’ll likely have to install an inward folding door. The great thing is that bifold doors require much less space for opening than French doors. 

The beauty of a bifold is that there are lots of configuration options available. That means you can choose for your doors to open in just one direction from the left or the right or in two directions, with the doors opening from the middle.

How Secure Are Bifold Doors?

Of course security should be the most important factor when it comes to buying doors. And because of the functionality of bifold doors, it’s easy to assume they won’t be secure. However, if they’re purchased from a reputable source, installed properly and the right precautions are taken, they are just as secure as they are an attractive feature in your home. 

What Are The Options For Bifold Doors?

There are a variety of options when it comes to bifold doors; you can purchase internal and external bifold doors and you also have options in the amount of panels you purchase (even or odd numbers ranging from two to seven). There are also different materials available such as hardwood, aluminium, and composite.  

What Do Bifold Doors Cost?

There are a few different factors that should be considered when it comes to the cost of bifold doors. Size, style, material and installation will obviously play a role in the cost of bifold doors but optional extras are also things you should think about. Double glazing and other thermal insulation as well as specific security requirements all add to standard costs.

We hope that this blog has given you insight into what to think about before buying bifold doors. If you’re ready to explore your options, see our internal bifold doors. You can also check out our blog on how to fit/install your new bifold doors, if you’re considering your next DIY project. 

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