Best Selling Doors of 2017

It’s been a fantastic year here at Leader Doors, and we’re already looking forward to finding out what 2018 has in store for us – but before we do, we thought it would be good for our customers to be able to see which were our best selling doors in 2017 to get a feel for the quality and design that other Leader Doors customers have been installing in their homes over the past year.

As you know, doors can have a huge impact on the look and function of your home, so it’s always good to know which doors have sold well as it’s a good indicator of the kinds of doors that have been best loved!

Best Selling Internal Doors

Internal doors can have the biggest impact on the interior design of your home, so making sure that you get the right doors is hugely important! Taking a look at our best selling internal doors is like getting a big thumbs up from all the other Leader Doors shoppers, so if you’re looking to do a little remodelling in the new year, take a look at the internal doors that made their design projects in 2017:

Best Selling External Doors

Your external doors are the first impression that visitors to your home will get, so especially if you’re buying a new front door, you have to pay attention to popular styles that friends and family will find welcoming. See which external doors our Leader Doors customers have been buying over the past year:

Best Selling Patio Doors

If you’re looking to welcome the outdoors in or simply open up the appearance of your home, patio doors are an essential choice. Sliding doorsets can offer you additional space in your home while french patio doors offer a classic design, here’s some of the favourite patio doors that Leader Doors customers invested in this past year:

Best Selling Louvre Doors

Louvre doors are perfect for making sure that the contents of your cupboards and wardrobes are protected from dust but are still able to benefit from a flow of fresh air. Available in sets or as individual pieces, see which best selling louvre doors made their way into the homes of Leader Doors customers in 2017:

We’re proud of every kind of door we sell at Leader Doors, otherwise we simply wouldn’t sell them! If you’re looking for new doors in your home in 2018, look no further than Leader Doors.

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