5 Ways to Brighten Up A Dark Room

There are a number of reasons that a room in your home can be darker than the others. The first and most obvious cause for your room being dark is that it has no windows, or perhaps you have windows in the room but they’re overshadowed by a wall or a tree just outside the window.

Some homes just naturally don’t catch the sun, but whatever the reason for that room in your home being dark, the result is often that you don’t want to spend time in the room and if you do, you’re left feeling pretty listless.

You don’t need to suffer having a dark room in your home. We’ve got a few suggestions for how you can brighten it up in no time with just a few simple design tricks.

A minimal style mirror that effectively maximizes the room’s light.

 Hang A Mirror
It’s a well known trick that adding a mirror to a room can create the appearance of a larger room, but did you know that it can also brighten up the appearance of a dark room? Mirrors on the wall provide somewhere for light to reflect and bounce around a room, which helps to lighten up a dark space in no time.

Paint With Pastels
Decorating with a light colour not only gives your home an ultra modern Scandi appeal, making sure that your walls are fresh helps to make the room feel brighter and if you use a light reflecting paint it makes every bit of light go even further! Avoid dark colours wherever possible and keep things pale and pastel.

White Ceiling
Dark ceilings can make a room immediately feel smaller and darker. Whether you have a dark painted ceiling or natural wooden beams in a dark wood, we recommend painting the ceiling white wherever possible to brighten the space and make it feel much larger and more airy in an instant!

The Shaker 4 Panel with Clear Glass, a great contemporary option.

Doors With Glass Panelling
As soon as you fit a solid door in a dark room, especially one without any windows, you’re instantly blocking out any opportunity for natural light to enter. To open up your home, choose internal doors with glass panelling. If you’re worried about privacy, simply choose frosted glass to keep the view obscured while still allowing as much light as possible to enter!

Minimise Furniture
A crowded room is often a darker room. The less room there is for light to spread throughout the room, and the more furniture there is to cast a shadow, the darker the room is going to appear. If you have a room in your home that’s particularly dark, we recommend taking the minimalistic approach and choosing only a few pieces of furniture. If you can, try and look for furniture that’s raised off the floor to give the appearance of more space in the room and giving more opportunity for light to pass through the room.

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