3 Ways To Strengthen Your Doors

Doors are a hugely important part of your home. External doors are what separates you from the horrible weather and unwelcome guests outside, and internal doors give you all the privacy you need inside your home whenever you need it most.

All of our doors at Leader Doors have been manufactured to be as strong and durable as possible, but it’s natural that over time your doors will fall into varying states of disrepair. To give them a boost and restore their former glory, there are a few simple things you can do to strengthen your doors.

Choose The Right Material

It all starts with which kind of door you choose. Both internal and external doors can benefit from a solid wood core to ensure that they’re proofed against the blows of running children, teenage tantrums and at the very worst, unwanted attempts to enter your home. Solid wood internal doors are one of the best options for those looking for durable doors that can take a little wear and tear, so if you’re just starting to look at refitting your home with internal doors, take a look at these first.

Replace The Locks
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your door is made from if the locks you’re using aren’t going to work properly. Old and worn locks or cheap and flimsy locks aren’t going to help strengthen your door one bit, so make sure that you’re not compromising on the quality of your locks just to help your budget. However, if budget is a huge limitation for you, look into a high quality deadbolt for external doors and save your cheaper locks for internal doors. We have a huge selection of locks and latches suitable for both external and internal doors here at Leader Doors.

Upgrade Your Door Hinges

One of the pieces of door hardware that takes the most wear, your door hinges are also a crucial component in the proper functioning of your doors. Internal and external doors can become unsafe if your door hinges aren’t fitted or functioning properly. Make sure you run regular healthchecks on your door hinges to check that the doors aren’t dropping or sticking, and if you find any problems that can’t easily be fixed, take a look at our selection of secure door hinges at Leader Doors to make sure that your doors are as strong as possible.

Browse all of our internal doors and external doors at Leader Doors for lots of strong and secure doors to choose from.

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