February 2018


Shared Living: Do You Need Locks On Your Internal Doors?

With the cost of living and renting a property increasing each year, it’s no wonder that many are turning to shared living in order to be able to afford a decent property in an area they like. It makes sense, sharing the financial load for the sake of not always finding the bathroom or stove available is a great idea and a sacrifice to privacy that many are willing to make. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to live with a group of friends they’ve known for... Read More


5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Patio Doorset

When you’re remodelling your home, patio doors probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. However, installing a patio doorset can actually offer a multitude of benefits to your home including extra light and much easier access to the garden from the main areas in your home. All sounds good, doesn’t it? But there are a few considerations you’ll need to take into account: Budget How much do you have to spend on your project? Could a patio doorset be accommodated in that budget? There are a few different... Read More