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Can't See Your Size? Get a Bespoke Door From Leader Doors

Can't see your size listed? Go bespoke!

If you've seen your dream door on our website, but can't find it in the size you need, fear not! We have a wealth of bespoke made-to-measure options, which ensure you don't have to settle for second best when it comes to creating the perfect home. When you realise how easy it is, you won't look back - we promise!


Which doors are you able to offer in bespoke sizes?

Currently, we can offer bespoke made-to-measure sizing on a wide range of internal doors, from internal timber veneered doors (such as oak & wanut!), FD30 fire doors, glazed doors & much more... Bespoke doors differ from brand to brand, so while we will always try to accommodate requests for bespoke made-to-measure doors, sometimes we are at the mercy of any factory or manufacturer we work with. Please note, we cannot currently offer bespoke made-to-measure sizes on External Doors, Pine Doors or Louvre doors, but we are working closely with supply chains to try to rectify this.

If you're interested in a bespoke door, then please enquire below using the request form. Or alternatively, call first and we'll be able to advise what we think is and isn't possible with each door design. It's always worth asking either way!


Get in touch for your bespoke doors | Leader Doors
Ordering bespoke doors | Leader Doors

Step 1 get in touch

When you're browsing our website you may find that you like a door but the sizes you need are not listed. Perhaps you need a non-standard size, or perhaps you need a specific configuration. Whatever your needs, please get in touch with our Door Experts via one of the many contact methods available on our website.

It's highly likely we'll be able to supply the door that you want in your custom specific size, even if it's a one off. With more doors being added to the bespoke range daily, we're confident we can provide you exactly what you need.

Step 2 we will confirm price and delivery

Our friendly Door Experts will help you with your enquiry, to ensure every detail is correct. Once we have the information on exactly what you require, we can then take it to the supplier who will advise us of the price to manufacture and an estimated delivery lead time.

Once all of the information is confirmed, we'll then pass it over to you so you can take it into consideration.

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Step 3 we will send a CAD drawing for approval

When your order is confirmed, we'll go back to the supplier with your specifications and confirm your order with them. They will then generate CAD drawings (computer-aided design) which we will send over to you for approval. These computer generated technical drawings are checked over and approved by you, to ensure that your exact specification is met when the doors are manufactured.

This whole process takes no more than a few days meaning there are no unneccessary hold-ups when it comes to receiving your new bespoke doors.

Step 4 we will manufacture your bespoke doors

Once you have approved the CAD drawings of your new bespoke doors, we'll confirm with the supplier that the specifications are checked-off and they can then begin to manufacture your doors.

Each door will be carefully manufactured to meet your exact needs, using FSC or PEFC Certified timber, which is sourced from sustainable & environmentally friendly forests. You can rest assured that when your door arrives, there will be no need for complex alterations to the structure of the door, which can push up fitting costs with carpenters or joiners.

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Step 5 we deliver

When your doors are ready to deliver, we'll be in touch to let you know and to arrange a delivery which can be shaped around your own availability. Each door will be carefully packaged with extra protection to ensure that there are no issues when they arrive.

Our bespoke door service is designed to be as simple and stress-free as possible, meaning you can now get exactly what you want without having to worry.

What are you waiting for

Ordering bespoke doors takes roughly 20-22 weeks from the initial enquiry to delivery of the products. This is a "maximum" guideline and in some cases doors may be made available quicker. We recommend that initial enquiries for bespoke doors are made well in advance of any project deadlines to ensure that if there are unforeseen delays, these can be accounted for.

If you'd like to know more about our bespoke service, then get in touch today by emailing, or you can LiveChat with us here.



A bespoke door is a fixture that doesn’t fit the standard size of a UK door. Bespoke doors are made to measure and cater to projects, buildings and openings that require custom dimensions. A bespoke door can also be made with a range of functionalities added as well as in varying styles to suit the design aesthetic and specifications that you need. 


The cost of a custom made door depends on the size, quality and added features that are attached to the bespoke door. You can expect that a custom door will be slightly more expensive than a standard-sized door, but here at Leader Doors, you will find an option to suit all budgets. 


Here at Leader Doors, we have a wide range of door sizes to suit a range of openings but the smallest internal door size available is 305mm or 12 inches. 


Here at Leader Doors, we have a wide range of door types available for you to choose from including internal doors and external doors. The two types of doors have a range of differences that make them distinguishable from one another. External doors are usually sturdier than internal doors and they are insulated to protect against the chill of the outdoors entering the property. You will also find that external doors have 3 pairs of hinges and a range of security fixtures. Internal doors are usually hollow, have two sets of hinges and are not as heavy. 


Depending on the size of the door opening, specifications and additional features that you require – costs can vary. Front doors can be designed in a range of materials, finishes and are available with glass or no glass. Here at Leader Doors, our external doors range from around £60-1600.